Mercedes C200 is Equipped with Mild Hybrid Technology

Reconditioned Mercedes C200 Engines

September 24, 2019

Driving the car in or out of town remains economical and fresh

With a new upgrade in leading brands like Mercedes buyer marvel what has been added. But after some time they again want something new. Giving an altogether facelift is not possible at such a quick pace but to keep the customer engaged there are some minor changes now and then. Such are the upgrades Mercedes has introduced underneath its skin. There have been some very minor tweaks for the exterior which make it feel fresh. The body structure is pretty and there is no doubt about it. For the interior, there have been changes over here as well and the major one is for the technology. There are changed displays as well as additions to make the interior feel more advanced. The steering wheel has been changed providing more facility to the driver. With all this one thing which stands out is the mild hybrid technology introduced aiding the engine. It has improved the fuel economy and made it more environmentally friendly also. The Reconditioned Mercedes C200 engines have the guts to power up this car very well so that the previous one is not missed. These Mercedes C200 engines rebuild to have a top-quality for making your life easier in yet another aspect.

The engine comes with a new technology

The engine powering this C class range model is a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine. There is also a 10 kW battery which gives hybrid power to the engine and the total outcome is 135 kW with a torque of 280 Nm in which 160 Nm is aided by the hybrid system. You might think that this power is not enough but there is something more to the story. But the EQ electrification technology makes sure you get to the destination fast when needed. With all this on board, it seems as if the engine is bigger in size than it is. There is an automatic start/stop function which has a trick over here also. The vehicle stops at 20 km/h and remains in that condition until unless you are ready to go again. Then it starts again when the speed gets higher and the system is as unnoticeable as a pin dropping. Sometime before this system was very annoying as it would send a shudder throughout the cabin when starting but it is not like this today. The Mercedes C200 engine is quiet and refined in town as well on higher speeds on the motorway.

Intelligent interior layout

The interior of C200 depicts how the brand takes its work. Even in this basic C Class Mercedes, there is a layout which has everything perfectly planned. The front is comfortable with comfy seats and good leg and headroom. The rear seats in C-Class also have a good head and legroom even for taller people but it remains only if the front seat does not slide back. The materials used inside have high quality giving the cabin a luxury look known for this company’s cars. The steering wheel has been upgraded giving buttons to it to operate functions instead of the simple old style. There are good storage spaces present in the cabin. The centre console has cup holders and there are pockets at the base of the centre stack to store more. Even the door pockets are big enough to store big items easily. The centre of the dashboard attracts attention the most. With circular air vents and fewer knobs there lies a touch screen of 10.25 inch which has sharp graphics and quick functionality.

How technology is operated

For the technology side, the vehicle is commendable. To control the ventilation and related functions there are buttons in the centre under the screen. For the touch screen, there are clear menu buttons to get to a setting quickly. This means the driver does not have to divert attention and loose eye contact to the road. This screen is very helpful as it has easy usage and getting to know it does not take much time. There is also a digital display behind the steering wheel instead of the conventional way of providing car’s information. The buttons mounted on the steering can control much of the functions which are very practical while driving.

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