Mercedes E220 Improved in Many Ways

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July 10, 2019

Updated technology, safety side and engine efficiency

Mercedes has a long history of producing fine cars and there has been less competition that could catch up with the standard of work they do. E-series is all about giving the buyers something new, updated and good to drive. There have been constructive changes in this brand product to give an even more improved experience than before. So E-series got its part and there are some very valuable efforts form the team to give a refined salon to the market. This present version has got a fashionable sophisticated look which is very important for the current customer. As much as performance matter so are the looks. For the inside, there has been a technology upgrade so that the car feels safe, performs properly and also has an efficient set of engines. So there has been a total reconsideration of what should remain and what should go. One thing to appreciate is that Mercedes attend to whatever is missing and with it tries hard to make other things better also. There has been an upgrade for the engine side and it has proved to be fruitful. Reconditioned Mercedes E220 engines prove to be good to let you own the car for a longer period of time. There are service stations present to facilitate engine replacement.

The new engine gets rid of irritating noises

The 2.0-litre diesel engine which is the one planted in E220 in 2016 has made the car refined and according to the petrol standard characteristics. The advanced technology has made even the diesel engines improve from what they were before. The 2.1-litre which was present in the previous one was noisy and less efficient. This new one has what it takes to be appreciated by the one behind the wheel. With it, the fuel economy has also increased along with performance to give a better experience all the way. It produces 192 bhp and 400 Nm of torque. It starts appearing from as low as 1500 rpm which is impressive meaning there is a lot of power boost lying ahead. From 0-62 mph it takes 7.3 seconds to travel. There is a good pull to overtake on the highway too and a nice low rev to be comfortable in town. The noise factor has been suppressed successfully in the 2.0-litre diesel engine. Even when starting from cold the old grumble has disappeared. The little noise which after all does reaches your ears vanishes when thing heat up. Mercedes E220 engines rebuild becomes a sigh of relief when the original one troubling.

The technology upgrade

Go inside and you are talking about much more now. The dashboard catches your attention first with its two screens, one in the right of steering and another on the front of the driver. The screen behind the steering wheel shows information like revs and speeds and also has a small navigation map. The other one which is on the right is for the infotainment system. There are sharp graphics and more advanced functioning. Intelligent responding headlights and digital vehicle key having smartphone function for unlocking the car. You also get the bespoke app to control the car for the remote parking pilot function. This is a base trim but it also has satellite navigation as standard throughout the trim. All these advanced techs really make things expensive here. But the thing is that the price is worth when you are getting this much.

Safety redefined

When you talk about a Mercedes upgrade there is something seriously amazing waiting for the purchaser. The safety side has been improved to make the car safe on-road and while driving. The Drive Pilot feature is an astounding addition which uses the radar-guide cruise control and automated steering to keep the car in your lane u to 130 mph. It can even follow another car if there are no white lines on the road. Well, that’s interesting; you have to have a clear road if you want to chase someone. The controls are reliable but you have to be patient to actually get what you need out of them. As things like these are still in there early stages and to drive a car safely automatically needs some more improvements.

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