Mercedes E220 Still Make Sense for Superb Fuel Economy and Advanced Tech

Reconditioned Mercedes E220 engine

April 29, 2021

Three main elements price, performance and economy also favours the selection of the car

For an ideal motorway cruiser, fuel economy figure is very important and the Mercedes E220 returns 64.2 mpg. This car has decent power of 184 bhp to offer you punch when require and overtake easily. The top speed is 141 mph, which is quite reasonable for a cruise on an open track. The diesel fuel 2.2-litre unit has been paired with five speed auto transmissions. Carbon emission is not low and your E220 will release 139 g/km. The manual gearbox is also available with better economy and emission figures. Reconditioned Mercedes E220 engine is good for any saloon because of good pulling power and fuel economy. Another option for buyers is E200 with similar figures but considerable low performance. Bigger sibling E250 is also present with similar fuel economy of manual gearbox model but without big performance difference in comparison to E220. This is why this saloon of Mercedes makes sense and the choice of many buyers. Three main elements price, performance and economy also favour the selection of the car. The auto speed transmissions model of the car is preferred for convenience, modern feel, luxury and comfort. The manual gearbox is not seamless but you can prefer it for better fuel average and economy. Auto transmissions also have their own problems. The most notable is lack of response while pushing the speed pedal to bring it into motion. Two different settings allow you to enjoy the altogether different response. Eco and Sport settings are totally opposite to each other in terms of engine performance.

All this lavishness with performance reveals

Mercedes engines are quite reliable and they are also available in used form. Mercedes E220 remanufactured engine goes through intensive checking and rebuilds process so that buyers get an economical but reliable power unit. The four doors saloon looks reasonable but performance is a real concern of buyers. The refinement is good so the cabin is a nice place to travel. Engine noise may enter the cabin but not much audible. Rear wheels drive configuration suited this car more than front wheels drive so Mercedes rightly chooses this configuration for E220. Ride quality is up to the standards of a luxury saloon and interior lighting enhances the ambience of the place. All this lavishness with performance reveals the number of efforts put in by engineers to this Mercedes saloon. Fuel economy has improved a great deal and in comparison, to the previous model, it has improved 23 per cent. Blue-efficiency technology makes it happen. Both four cylinders and six cylinders units will become more fuel efficient and greener than earlier. Improvement in terms of weight loss is also witnessed with this technology. United Kingdom buyers like greener cars so two third of total selling is of cars less than 160 g/km emission. It is the ninth-generation model of the car so the success of the E series not questionable. The car has been tested for millions of miles so that buyers get the perfect vehicle. It is a decent size car with and solid build structure. The Interior is more like usual Mercedes cars but can be more contemporary. It is not only big in appearance but also offers ample space to rear passengers. The boot area is also of decent size. The transmission tunnel in middle leaves a bit awkward space for the person on the middle seat in the rear row.

The latest E220 has been made tech laden saloon

Optional rear seat folding could easily increase space for luggage and gears. Rear seats have been made safe for children with connectors. This kind of safety is rare in cars of this class. It is easy to Mercedes E220 replacement engines because the car has been in markets for years and over a million E-Class cars have been sold. The new model has got many modern tech features so it is as good as any other modern luxury saloon. Some of these features are standard while the remaining are optional but the focus remains on safety. Active Bonnet feature is added to save cabin occupants from injuries. Attention assist is to avoid accidents due to drowsiness of person on driving seat. You get audio as well as visual alerts to stop driving and take a rest for a while. These are technological advancement for vehicles and these features contribute to the safety of car riders. Pre Safe is another feature for the same purpose of safety. It foresees a collision and brings airbags into play as well as tighten seat belts.

Many other driver assistances are also available

Headlamps have an intelligent system to keep your track illuminated without making drivers blind coming from the opposite direction. Intelligent Light Assist is a complete system to offer five different light options. System to avoid a forward collision, keep E220 at a safe distance and auto braking is used to maintain distance. Sprint to reach 62 mph speed takes E220 8.8 seconds, which does not seem very quick but in reality, feels quicker. Many other driver assistances are also available to the driver based on modern tech features. You can purchase E220 in three trim levels. SE is the entry level and the top of the models is Sport. Best specs are present in the top model and the price is also high. Optional features will increase the price of the car further. Two other German saloon makers are close competitors of the luxury saloon.

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